The KitchenCo is a family run business with a common theme running through its core 'client fulfillment', we wanted to make the whole process a lot more personal & friendly! Not just taking into account what the customer tells us but take in who they are as a person in order to reflect that in their new space, KitchenCo came to fruition through wanting people to be treated as more than just a sales statistic, including ourselves.

We are invested in the customers vision from start to finish and take into account their specific needs when it comes to their personal taste & style, striving to present them with something they truly love incorporating all their initial ideas & visions into one well packaged process, which starts with a detailed 3D HD rendered image & floor plans which really puts your mind in the finished room visually before its even begun, this then becomes a great stage to move or tweak certain aspects of the design to your liking giving you complete peace of mind as you can see where every part of your new kitchen will sit in the space you have for it.

We offer much more than your average service as we cover all aspects from the initial ideas & layout through to the design process we also offer electrics / plumbing / internal building work, flooring / carpets & even your new extension build if that is on your requirement list. This all helps with the smooth running and speed of not having to source another company and not knowing if they are going to carry out the work to our high standard & on time. Our kitchens are all installed by a super attentive & friendly team all whilst making sure the customers needs are met every step of the way.

We also work alongside some of the highest quality manufacturers in the sector and see how our Kitchens / Worktops / Appliances are made first hand, which means we understand what's possible & what is logical when it comes to kitchen installations. We can really help you narrow down what you are looking for within a conversation or two, communication is key to meet your needs.

KitchenCo strives to be consistent from the initial first meeting to completion any questions you have we are here to answer them, only a phone call or email away. What makes a great company is the knowledge on not just the job at hand but the knowledge of solutions! You may encounter a tight space or think you have no room for seating for example, we have methods that resolve these issues and many more in the most practical ways possible.


Everybody is on the lookout for a good deal at the moment, and it's easy to be seduced by the eye-catching discounts of the big DIY centres. But is a good price the same as a good deal?

And if you overlook your local independent kitchen specialist, what exactly will you miss out on?

Service is key when buying a kitchen and KitchenCo has a lot more time to dedicate to each individual client which minimizes rushed meetings, quick ordering and unreliable follow ups not to mention the mistakes saved by our team who make sure each detail is checked & ready to go!

We want you to feel as though your final kitchen is one you have chosen with our help that truly reflects you & your needs as opposed to being told what you are having by a big name sales rep on commission.

Kitchens are our specialty that is our sole purpose where as bigger DIY companies cover kitchens & many other areas, there is a difference, so if you are looking for value, service & quality give us a call today so we can discuss your personal project in detail.